Do you have nutritional information for your products?

We're sorry, but because we are classified as small business exempt by the FDA, we do not have this information.

Do you have a retail store?

Not any longer.

Do you sell milk or cream?

No. Only items listed under "Products".

What do you feed your cows?

Actually, they're not our cows, but they are fed as much grass and hay as possible as well as corn silage, mineral mix, sweet feed, and brewers grain. No animal by-products ever. The cows graze grass on rotation during growing season.

Are you organic?

No. However, no rBST hormone is ever used. The animals are well cared for and housed in a clean environment.

Are your products pasteurized?

Yes. Everything we make is pasteurized.

Do you use animal rennet?

No. We only use vegetarian rennet.